Starting out in Overwatch can seem like a tough challenge and its made more difficult because of the competitive nature of the game. Whether you want to hone your skills in the training ground or just jump straight into the action these tips will help you to improve as a player and destroy your enemies!

  1. Don’t just stick to one hero.

While it may seem like a good idea to pick one hero and only play them until you become the greatest Roadhog player of all time! This may hinder you more than you think. Having a basic knowledge of all the heroes will ensure that you know what to expect when facing a certain hero so that you can avoid their abilities and stay alive.

2. Be light on your feet.

Move around as much as you can! This is really important as it will make it difficult for your enemies to target you and take you out of the game. Some heroes such as Widowmaker can kill squishy heroes in one hit, so don’t let them get that shot!

3. Stick with the team.

All Overwatch Characters

You may have heard the phrase teamwork makes the dream work right? Well when playing Overwatch this couldn’t be more true. Staying with the team will allow healers to keep everyone’s life topped up and you may be able to catch an enemy off guard and take him out.

4. Objectives win games. 

I know, you’ve been told a million times before but seriously how do you expect to win the game without completing the objectives. Remember, eliminations don’t mean anything if you lose the game. If the rest of your team are off chasing kills then just sit back, relax and ride that payload to victory!

5. Relax, go play arcade!

An Overwatch Loot Box

Countless defeats after hours of queuing in quick play can only mean one thing. Head over to the arcade section and have some real fun. Not only do you get to play some awesome game modes that change daily and weekly, you can also win yourself some loot boxes to add some skins to your hero gallery.