For a long time people have been using trackers on competitive games to see how other players are doing and to see who’s going big in the scene! Fortnite tracker is great tool that I’ve been using recently not only to track yours and other players stats but its also host to a whole range of great features. Keep reading this article to see what it is all about!


I’ll start off with the main feature of the website. The tracker tool can be used by entering the name of the person you want to track into the search bar. Currently boasting the ability to track nearly 50 million players with the fortnite tracker you are able to see a large range of information including a player’s wins, their win percentage, their kills and also their K/D. Alongside this the feature will enable you to observe a players rating and how it has changed over time.

Looking for group

Fortnite-3.jpgHave all your friends gone to bed and you just want to sneak in that last win? Another amazing feature hosted on the website is the looking for group option. This will display the names of other players looking to team up, alongside their platform, server and other information included in the fortnite tracker.


Challenges was a feature that I did not expect when I first viewed the website however after having a quick look through seems like a great idea. After linking your account to the website you will be able to compete with other players on a bunch of different challenges. Some of the challenges are ongoing right now, head over to the website for a chance at Cash and V-Bucks prizes!

Other Features

In addition to these amazing features there is also access to an abundance of other features including news, leader boards, scrims and weapon information. Not only this but if you choose to go premium you will be able to enjoy all this content advert free and be included in monthly giveaways.

Go check them out at Fortnite Tracker