Overwatch is easily my favourite competitive game at the moment, and with every competitive game there will always be a flow of toxic players. In order to combat this Blizzard brought out the endorsement system, a clever system designed to reward the players that are friendly and helpful towards the team effort.

How do I endorse someone?

Endorsing someone can be done at the end of the match by clicking the N button then choosing the teammates you want to endorse. You can endorse them based on three things but I’ll get to that later. You can also endorse the enemy team if you feel that your team wasn’t up to scratch however you can only do three endorsements per match so make sure you pick carefully! In addition to this you get 50 XP every time you endorse someone, but don’t just pick randomly or the system won’t work.

Which endorsement do I pick?

Maybe you had a really good teammate that carried your team all the way through to the win, which endorsement do you pick? Below I’ll give a detailed insight into each endorsement.endorsement


Sportsmanship is all about being positive to your teammates and respectful to your enemies. However if you had a better time chatting to the enemy than your team then you can also pick this endorsement for the enemy team.

Good Teammate

Being a “Good Teammate” can seem like a very broad term however I pick this endorsement based on their communication. Did this player help you out after you decided to play Tracer for the first time? When they decided to dive into the enemy did they announce it first and was the team ready to follow up? These are all good reasons as to why you would pick the Good Teammate endorsement.

Shot Caller

The player calling the shots! Quite often this player will stand out from the beginning of the game. Its the person who tells everyone to group up, decides when it’s time to go in or maybe lets you know if it’s best to pull back. All in all without this player your team would be a shambles, so make sure you endorse them!

How do I level up?

endorsementI’ve done a lot of research on the matter of leveling up however I have come up with no solid information. There are some things you can do to increase the chances of leveling up though.

First of all DON’T LEAVE GAMES, even in quick play! This could seriously affect the chances of you leveling up.

Secondly GET ENDORSED. Yes I know, only a genius could figure that one out. But seriously the biggest factor in leveling up is getting those endorsements. One way to increase the amount of endorsements you get is to endorse others, this will remind them and you may get an endorse back.

Finally BE A VALUABLE MEMBER OF THE COMMUNITY, help people learn, communicate with your team and fill in roles that no-one wants to play. All of these things will aid you in leveling up your endorsement.

WARNING: If you are reported and Blizzard decide to act on it by silencing or banning you they will also reset your endorsement level to one.


You will be rewarded for your endorsement level at the end of a season. This tends to be in the form of loot boxes. Endorsement level 3 will get you a reward of two loot boxes.

I hope you found this article useful, if you want more information on this amazing game then check out my other blog for Top 5 Overwatch Tips.