CSGO probably isn’t the easiest game when starting out. In fact I remember going 0-20 in every lobby I entered. However after countless hours, around 800 to be exact, I’m still terrible… But improving! This article will show you all the mistakes I made as a beginner and how to become a better Counter Strike player.


1. Improve your movement

There are a ton of ways you can improve your movement, for example don’t step out too far when peaking an opponent, this lowers your reaction time for shooting. In contrast with this if you are shooting, don’t move! This is extremely important as your accuracy is much lower when moving.

2. Aim at head-shot level

CS GO is a game of head shots. A number of guns including the desert eagle and AK-47 are able to one-shot so hitting that one tap can prevent your enemy from returning fire. An easy way to improve this is by playing death match games as you will gravitate around the map and learn all the angles.

3. Fire in bursts

Recoil plays a huge factor in CS GO. Learning spray patterns can be an advantage at short range but in mid to long range engagements it’s important that you burst fire to remain accurate.csgo-recoil-m4a4

4. Listen

Sound can be used to create a great advantage for yourself and your team. If practiced you will be able to know where the enemy are without peaking corners allowing you to better protect bomb sites and other important points of the map.

5. Use shift to walk

This ties in with the tip before. To prevent the enemies from hearing your foot steps use shift to walk. You may be slower but preventing the enemy from knowing you whereabouts can be of great significance.

6. Don’t peak when reloading

Do not do this! This will almost always result in death as you are allowing your opponent to get free shots while you are unable to return fire. Instead wait round the corner or if they are close back away.

7. Communicate with teammates

Probably the one thing that can really improve your competitive rating. Individual skill can only get you so far, if you are not communicating with the team when taking bomb sites or peaking corners your opponents will be able to engage you 1 by 1 and wipe out your team.

8. Don’t crouch

This really shouldn’t be at the bottom of the list, as its possibly most underrated tip I can ever give you. So much so during my time as a noob one of my friends suggested unbinding crouch. It might sound ridiculous but crouching in the majority of situations will get you killed as you are a slower target for the enemy to aim at.csgo5-1024x576

Thanks for reading my article, I hope you can use these tips to your advantage and climb to the top of the rankings. I’m currently at DMG.