The latest update on Over-watch has just been released and alongside it comes Ashe the newest DPS to add to the roster. This article will tell you everything you need to know about Ashe so hopefully you don’t suck as much as I did when I first played her!


The Viper

Ashe’s basic attack comes in two different forms depending on whether you are aiming down sight or not. Lets start with some of the stat’s for when you are hip firing.

  • Semi-Auto
  • 20-40 Damage
  • 4 Rounds Per Second

Now let’s compare this for aiming down sight…

  • Single Shot
  • 42.5-85 Damage
  • 1.4 Round Per Second

As you can see Ashe’s basic ability has been tailored so that when you are close range it is better to hip fire and for long range better to aim down sight, similar to how Widow works. However I found that the hip fire damage was really low and the rate of fire didn’t really make up for this. All in all I feel that The Viper feels a bit lackluster even when aiming down sight.


This ability causes Ashe to throw out a piece of dynamite that detonates after a short while or can be activated immediately by shooting it. I found Dynamite to be a really interesting concept as shooting the dynamite can be quite a challenge that will separate the good Ashe players from the er… not so good.

  • 30-75 Explosion Damage
  • 100 Burn Damage
  • 5 Meter Area Of Effect
  • 10 Second Cool-down

Coach Gun

This ability works as a great utility tool in order to distance yourself from the enemy. Ashe will shoot a shotgun blast that knocks back enemies. This can also be used to knock Ashe back or even up into the air when shooting at the ground enabling you to pull off some amazing trick shots.

  • 90 Damage
  • 9 Meter Range
  • 10 Second Cool-down


Possibly the most hilarious addition to Over-watch since I started playing. Using Ashe’s ultimate will cause her to throw out her trusted sidekick who charges forward knocking enemies into the air, then finishes them off with his arm cannons. I feel as though B.O.B. makes up for the low damage as throwing him onto a point can easily wipe out an entire team giving you the opening.

  • 1200 Health
  • 120 Charge Damage
  • 112 Arm Cannon Damage Per Second
  • 8 Rounds Per Second
  • 10 Second Duration


I hope you enjoyed this article, all in all I feel that Ashe isn’t all that strong however in the hands of an experienced player could cause some real damage. If you are just starting out and need some General Tips or want information on the new Competitive Team Death-match then check out my other articles.