I’ve always dreamed of setting up a business from my home computer and eventually turn it into a bustling business empire! Fortunately I managed to pick up Startup Company in a steam sale to give me some insight on what to expect. This article will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing early-access game!

Create Your CEO

Before creating your company you are now able to configure your CEO with two different bonus’s on offer.

Creating The Company

You’ll start off by picking a name for your company and then the type of website that you want to create. Each website type have a range of different features that you can pick from in order to provide content for your visitors.

Game Modes

There are two different game modes that you are able to pick from. One being easier than the other.

Investor Mode: This mode is considered easy as you are given a $15,000 upfront payment in order to start you website. Alongside this there a set milestones which give you bonus’s when you achieve them.

Bootstrapping Mode: In this mode you won’t be given any money to start your company with and must rely on loans in order to start. This is hard difficulty so investor mode must be completed beforehand.

Office and Hosting Space

There are currently 8 different buildings that are available for you to rent throughout the game. 5 of them are used for office space and the other 3 can be used for hosting.

At the beginning you will buy 4 West Bridge Street in Downtown which comes with the space for 10 workstations and costs $3,000 a month rent. Details on all the buildings can be found below.

Office Buildings

4 West Bridge Street, Downtown – 10 Workstations, $10,000 upfront payment, $3,000/month.
3 Harbour Street, Downtown – 20 Workstations, $35,000 upfront payment, $6,000/month
10 Ocean View, Downtown – 80 Workstations, $100,000 upfront payment, $22,000/month
4 Tilted Square, Uptown – 160 Workstations, $1,000,000 upfront payment, $180,000/month
1 Sequel Plaza, Uptown – 350 Workstations, $10,000,000 upfront payment, $400,000/month

Hosting Space

7 Harbour Street, Downtown – 20c initial temperature, $20,000 upfront payment, $3,000/month
22 Rail Road Street, Downtown – 15c initial temperature, $100,000 upfront payment, $6,000/month
18-20 Rail Road Street, Downtown – 10c initial temperature, $10,000,000 upfront payment, $245,000/month

Recruitment and Employees

After you have bought your first building you will want to place down some desks and hire some employee’s. There are a range of different employees all with different jobs to do in order to develop the website. You can commence recruitment as soon as you have placed your CEO at a desk. Click on him to open the recruitment menu.

Employee Types


When searching for employee’s there’s a few options you may want to consider such as the skill level and employee type. In addition you can enable options so that the potential employee’s will show their salary expectation and job demands. This can make the recruiting process a lot cheaper!

In my opinion it is always best to recruit beginners as when trained up they will more often then not be better then employees who were recruited as experts. Training your CEO will enable you to find potential employee’s faster or you can just add some recruiters to your team. When choosing employee’s make sure you look for the ones with a high greyed out number, this is their cap after training so therefore much more reliable to use as a performance measure.

If you manage to find someone you think is suitable to join your roster then send them an offer, I tend to offer in the region of $4,000 as this will not turn people away. If there counter-offer is above $8,000 then I would seriously consider if you want them on your team.

Company Benefits

Company benefits are a great way to increase the mood of your employees in order to make them more efficient at there job. The cost of each employee benefit will change depending on the amount of people you have employed.


In order to progress throughout the game it is important that you keep on top of research. You can increase the amount of research points you have by hiring more researchers who will produce research points over time. Make sure to train them up if you want maximum efficiency.

Some of the things unlocked via research include:

  • Different roles for your company including but not limited to manager’s, recruiters and marketers.
  • Components and modules used to upgrade your website.
  • Furniture and benefit’s that will increase the mood of your employee’s.
  • Features for your website, for example the landing page and text ads.
  • Framework that will increase the infrastructure of your website allowing you to add more features and accept higher loads of users. However this comes at a cost.
  • Everything that you will need to set up your own hosting building. This is something I recommend getting ASAP so you can avoid the fee’s of using cloud servers.

The Website

When first clicking on the website you will be greeted by a stats page. This will show you everything you need to know about your websites progress. It includes a counter for visitors at any current time and how many of these are new visitors. It also shows how much income this website is making as well as the server usage that it requires.

Types of Websites and Features

There are currently 4 different website types that you are able to pick from; social media, streaming, video sharing and shopping platform. Each website type has its own set of features for you to add some being unique to the website type. Below are the list of features available to the social media website. 

 Base Features

Revenue Features

Enhancement Features


There are a bunch of different marketing methods that you can use including email, TV and banner ads. Each of these methods vary in price and attract different amounts of viewers. As you get further into the game you will be able to target these ad’s to different audiences with different interests.


A recent addition to the game is the support system. If users are experiencing difficulties when using your website they may send in a support ticket. In order to resolve these tickets create a team of supporters so that you can ensure user satisfaction will be high.

Different tickets can have different complexity’s so it may help to assign higher level complexity tickets to your more advanced employee’s.


Increasing your hosting output enables you to increase the amount of visitors that can get onto your site. At the start of the game the hosting capacity will only allow you to have a small amount of people visiting your site. The first way that you can improve this is through cloud servers. I do not recommend cloud servers as they are expensive to run and don’t give out much CU. However early on in the game you may want to invest in a couple of the smallest cloud servers.

The most efficient way to increase your server capacity is through buying a hosting building and creating your own servers. In order to get the most efficient set up you want to make it so that your webserver, database and cache output are all equal.

Hosting Servers

I didn’t do too much experimenting with the lower servers, just try to overclock them slightly without them overheating and it should provide enough hosting capabilities until you get to the advanced servers. You should make the switch to these as soon as possible as they are more cost and space efficient. In terms of hosting building layout this is the typical layout I went for, this allowed medium to high overclocking on all racks. However I think the great thing about this is its up to you to experiment and see what works for you.

Random Events, Loans and Investments

Website Going Viral

One of the best things that can happen to you in order to increase traffic to your company is going viral. This seems to happen randomly however for a short period of time you will experience a massive spike in traffic. Make sure that you have enough potential user space and the hosting capabilities to match!

DDoS Attack

Just as you thought everything was running smoothly, thats when the DDoS Attack hits. This will disable your servers for a short time causing you to lose users. Don’t worry however as these are rare occurrences and the user loss is minimal. 


So your starting to make the big bucks now eh? Whenever you are in profit from time to time you will receive an investment offer. In exchange for a small percentage of your company you will receive a high sum of money depending on the scale of the business. This can be great if you want to give your company a kick-start to the next level. 


If you find yourself running low on money then don’t be afraid to take out a loan. Used correctly a loan can take your company working from a garage to a bustling corporate building.  However be careful as taking out too many can cause you to get behind in your monthly payments and go bankrupt! 


This is probably the closest thing to end-game that this game has got. Compete with competitors and turn your business into an empire by eventually buying them out and sending their users over to one of your websites. However make sure that the competitor has the same website type that you have. 

I’ll make sure this guide is kept up to date as recent developer logs have shown there are some exciting changes to come! If you want to buy this game then check it out on Steam currently available for purchase for £10.29. If you have found this article useful then please make sure to check out my others.