So now you’ve read my General Tips and you’ve been improving your game-play. However now its time to specialize, in the form of… ROADHOG! Easily one of my top tanks at the moment due to the fact he has a monster health pool and is devastating in close combat. Although his skills may seem simple, when mastered you’ll have the entire enemy team on the back foot.

Scrap Gun Primary/Secondary

Roadhog differs from a lot of other characters due to the fact his basic attack has two separate firing modes. First of all his shotgun is absolutely devastating at close range with a damage of up to 150. When combo’d with a hook and melee attack this brings his damage up to 220 which luckily is enough to take out the majority of DPS characters. Just don’t hook Reaper…

His secondary shot shoots out a shrapnel ball that after 8 meters explodes and sprays the enemy with metal fragments. This allows Roadhog to be more effective at medium-range combat. An important thing to note is that before the shot explodes it does relatively low damage. In order to master this ability you need to fire from a distance that will explode just before it hits the enemy to hit them for the full 150 damage!

Knowing when to use each shot is vital in mastering Road hog.

Take A Breather

Roadhog’s self heal ability is a channel ability that restores 300 of his health over a period of 2 seconds. Alongside this it decreases the damage taken by 50%. This is a vital part of Roadhogs kit as it allows him to charge in until his health is low, back out, heal, and rejoin the fight on full hp. However look out for an Ana Biotic Grenade as it will prevent you from healing yourself. 

Chain Hook

This ability throws a hook at a target and if it hits it will pull them towards you. This allows Roadhog to pull enemy DPS from the back lanes and one shot them with the shotgun melee combo. This should be mostly used on squishy enemies such as Ana, Tracer or Junkrat. However the reason why this ability is so amazing is when near the edge of the map and you can hook and turn and throw them to their doom. Alongside these great uses it can also interrupt channel abilities such as Reinhardt’s charge or Reapers ultimate. 

Whole Hog

With most heroes a smart ultimate can completely turn the game around however with Roadhog it seem’s most people do more harm then good. Even though his ultimate can seem lackluster there are a few ways to use it effectively. First of all if the games in overtime and your doing everything you can to get the enemy off the point a well timed hog ult can clear the point to end the game. Roadhog’s ultimate actually does a large ammount of damage (4928 to be exact!), the problem is that it has a high spread so when knocking the enemy back it can be difficult to get any damage on. For this reason try to use it when the enemy are grouped into a corridor with a wall behind them, combo this with an Ana ult and you will do devastating damage to the entire enemy team.

I hope you enjoyed this guide, if you have any questions or think something needs to be added let me know below!