The latest battle royale that has the gaming world going crazy is Apex Legends and just like any other battle royale, it can be very tough on the new guy! Here are some of the best tips you can use to get you on your way to getting that first victory.

  1. Play every Legend, at least a little bit: It’s important not only to know what your legend’s character abilities do but also what you may be up against.
  2. Survey your surroundings: You can use right-click to freelook while jumping in order to see if any players land close by. Take note of where they land.
  3. Land close: Stay with the jumpmaster, he’s there for a reason! However, as you get close to ground split off and each find a building to loot. This allows you to all quickly pick up a weapon.
  4. Find a gun, QUICK!: As soon as you land the first thing you need to do is find a weapon, this enables you to have some sort of defense if close by players catch you off guard.
  5. Use the ping system: The ping system is great as it allows you to point out key things to your teammates without having to say a word. You may want to change the default key-bind (Middle Mouse Button), to something more comfortable.
  6. Colour Tier System: Just like many other games the different tiers of armor, weapons and attachments have different colours. Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary are Grey, Blue, Purple and Yellow respectively.
  7. Don’t pick up loot you don’t need: Only pick up loot that you are going to use, don’t fill your backpack with ammo and attachments you don’t need or you will have less room for shield cells and syringes.
  8. Shield cells over syringes: When it comes to deciding what to fill that last slot in your inventory always pick shield cells. While syringes are important armor is the first thing you will lose when you are attacked so its important to have plenty.
  9. Damage Colour: Shooting an enemy will result in a number appearing displaying how much damage you have done to the enemy. In addition the colour of the number depicts what armor they have. If they have no armor then the colour will be red or yellow for a headshot.
  10. Take the high ground: Just like in most FPS games taking the high ground gives you a positional advantage making it easier to pick off your enemies.
  11. Use the environment: One of the great features in Apex is that you can climb high walls and jump through windows. Use this to your advantage in order to be unpredictable in fights.
  12. Zipwire balloons: Holding on right to the top will shoot you into the air allowing you to quickly traverse the map and get on top of your enemies.
  13. The Ring: Make sure that you don’t get caught off guard, however with use of holstering weapon “3” and crouch sliding you shouldn’t have a problem as the damage is low compared to other battle royales.
  14. Crouch slide: When travelling long distances with no other mode of transport make sure that you are crouch sliding down any downhill parts for a massive boost in speed.
  15. Banner revives: Unlike most battle royales getting finished off does not mean you’re out. If a teammate goes down grab his banner then head to the closest revive station, then go get some revenge!
  16. Death box colour: The death box colour is dependant on the highest tier of loot inside. Don’t waste time looting boxes with low tier loot and head straight for the purple and gold boxes.
  17. Door, SMASH!: There’s nothing more irritating than the enemy blocking the door just after you knocked them. This can be avoided through meleeing the door.

I hope you found these tips useful! I’m always looking to put out new content and improve old so if you have any suggestions post in the comments below!