With the addition of Ashe recently you may have thought Blizzard would slow down on the release of heroes, but no! Baptiste is now out on Overwatch’s public test realm and I decided to jump on to see what he’s all about! This article will tell you everything you need to know about the new healer Baptiste and any useful tips I’ve picked up on in my short time of playing him.

Biotic Launcher Primary

Baptiste’s primary is a three-round burst gun. While the recoil is quite significant making far-away shots tough to hit, it is possible to pull down slightly while firing to negate the effect. In addition Baptiste’s high rate of fire, ammo capacity and low falloff range makes me feel as though he is better suited to mid-range gunfights.

  • Damage – 37.5 to 70 (12.5 to 25 Damage per bullet)
  • Rate of fire – 3 Rounds in 0.3 seconds with a 0.35 second recovery.
  • Ammo – 45
  • Reload Time – 1.5 Seconds
  • Falloff Range – 20 to 40 metres

Biotic Launcher Secondary

Baptiste’s secondary is a projectile heal. The projectile velocity is somewhere inbetween Junkrat primary and Soldier’s rocket. This makes it great for healing multiple enemies at a mid range. However its important to note that you can not self-heal with this.

  • Healing – 60
  • Area of effect – 3 Metre radius
  • Rate of fire – 1 Shot per 0.8 seconds
  • Ammo – 10
  • Reload Time – 1.5 seconds

Regenerative Burst

When activated all allies within a radius are healed over a period of 5 seconds. This ability works well when used in conjuntion with his immortaility field. It’s important to use it when many allys are close in order to gain a lot of value.

  • Healing – 150, 30 Per second
  • Area of effect – 10 Metre radius
  • Cooldown – 15 Seconds

Immortality Field

Immortality Field is a throwable device that creates a field preventing any allies in the area to go below 20% HP. I imagine this will be used similarly to a Zenyata ultimate in order to turn a teamfight around. However be careful as it can be targeted by a Sombra hack.

  • Area of effect – 6 Metre radius
  • Duration – 8 Seconds
  • Cooldown – 20 Seconds

Amplification Matrix

The Amplification Matrix creates a square barrier that increases any healing and damage projectiles going through it by 100%. It can also be combined with any other damage multipliers such as Mercy Boost or Ana Nano. Imagine the Bastion damage!

  • Damage – 100% Multiplier
  • Healing – 100% Multiplier
  • Area of effect – 5×4 Metres
  • Duration – 8 Seconds

Overall Baptiste will be a great pick in bunker and dive teams, hopefully it’ll shake up the GOATS meta anyway… Thanks for reading, if you have any thoughts on how Baptiste should be used, comment below!