After hours of landing in completely useless spots I’ve devised a list of the best places to land. While you may have noticed some spots have a “High-Tier loot” label, this won’t be the sole factor in deciding whether they are on the list. I will also take into consideration amount of loot and popularity among players.

Skull Town

Skull Town is a large encampment in the south-west portion of the map, with a high amount of landing spots nearby expect a lot of action.

Typical Weapons – Basically anything you need excluding legendary’s, however may struggle to get high-tier (Purple) attachments.
Typical Armor – Most likely most of your team will be leaving with 3 rare (Blue) armour. If you’re lucky one of you may find epic (Purple) armour.
Typical Meds – As its a mid-tier loot-spot with a high amount of buildings you should find an abundance of meds.
Popularity – Skull Town has become quite a popular spot over the weeks, expect atleast 2-3 enemy squads.


Swamps is located on the east side of the map. With an option of going to Wetlands or Hydro Dam after their are tons of loot available.

Typical Weapons – You may have to take some alternatives to your favorite guns however there is a fair amount of epic (Purple) attachments on offer.
Typical Armor – Normally 2 epic (Purple) armor and a rare (Blue) between the team.
Typical Meds – Surprisingly theirs a massive amount of loot spots in Swamps which generally means high amount of meds.
Popularity – Swamps tend to be a quiet spot, 1-2 enemy squads maximum.


Relay is an outpost located in the north-east corner of the map. Surprisingly large amount of buildings and loot spots.

Typical Weapons – You won’t always get what you need but you should be able to knock together a decent load-out.
Typical Armor – The majority of the time I seem to get quite lucky when I land here. 2-3 epic (Purple) armor with rare (Blue) armor if not.
Typical Meds – As stated earlier theirs surprisingly a large amount of buildings spread throughout the outpost, this will yield a large amount of meds.
Popularity – Normally a quiet spot with 1 enemy squad, if any at all!


The Market is located in the center of the map. It has small encampments with a few buildings each located nearby.

Typical Weapons – May be a struggle to find exactly what you want, not a large amount of loot spots here.
Typical Armor – Rare’s (Blue) at best, however more often then not you will leave with common (Grey) armor.
Typical Meds – Low amount of meds, a few shield cells and syringes.
Popularity – For some reason this is possibly one of the most common spots. Could be down to the fact that it’s in the center of the map. 2-4 enemy squads.


Artillery can be found at the northern most point of the map. This is a military base with large warehouses full of loot!

Typical Weapons – Large amount of guns on offer alongside a large selection of rare and epic attachments.
Typical Armor – The high tier loot spot label means you normally yield at least two epic (Purple) armor.
Typical Meds – The huge warehouses have huge amounts of loot spots due to the multiple story buildings. Easily enough meds to sort you into the late-game.
Popularity – Due to the fact that the drop-ship often starts nearby you will find high numbers of squads dropping here. Normally in the 2-3 enemy squads range.

Thanks for reading my article. Comment below if you agree or disagree on the locations I have chosen and let me know your favorite loot spot!