Its been just over a month since Square Enix released their latest expansion, Shadowbringers. Players are already hitting the new level cap and it can get a bit confusing as to where to go from there to progress further. This article will outline, in order, all gear that you can acquire after hitting level 80 with details on how to obtain them.

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iLvl 430 – Weathered Weapon & Armor / Amaurotine Accessories

Weathered Weapon & Armor

Weathered is the first set of gear that you will want to obtain after hitting level 80. Speak to Grenholdt in The Tempest (x34, y26) after completing the relevant role quest line for your class. However bare in mind that this will only give you six pieces of gear (Weapon, Head, Hands, Legs, Feet, Body).

Amaurotine Accessories

In order to get the remaining pieces of gear you will have to use Amaurotine gear. Use this to fill the rest of your gear slots, mainly accessories. This drops from the following dungeons:

  • Amaurot
  • The Twinning
  • Akadaemia Anyder

iLvl 440 – Ronkan Weapon, Armor & Accessories

Next up is the Ronkan gear set, this is the first set of tome gear that you will encounter in Shadowbringers. There are multiple ways of gaining the Goetia tomes that are needed, see below!

  • Hunts, possibly my favourite method. Grab yourself a linkshell and join a hunt train and you will hit the cap in no time.
  • Duty roulette’s are another good method however you must use a level 80 class in order to get the tomes. Same goes for dungeons!
  • PVP seems to yield decent results, I’d advise queuing for Frontline as this seems to give the most tomes.

Goetia tomes can be traded in at Eulmore (x10, y12) by speaking to Aymark.

iLvl 450 – Edengate Armor & Accessories / Facet Armor & Accessories / Immaculate EX Accessories / Titania EX Weapons

Edengate Armor & Accessories

Edengate is the first set of raid gear you will encounter. Completing the new Shadowbringer raids will give you relics that can be exchanged in Eulmore (x10, y11.5) by speaking to Yhal Yal or in Amh Araeng (x26.5, y16.5) by speaking to Ghul Gul. The raids are as follows:

  • Eden’s Gate: Resurrection
  • Eden’s Gate: Descent
  • Eden’s Gate: Inundation
  • Eden’s Gate: Sepulture

Innocence EX Accessories & Titania EX Weapons

Shadowbringers also brought us a new set of extreme trials which have a chance of dropping accessories (The Crown Of Immaculate Extreme) and weapons (The Dancing Plague Extreme). Not only this but you have a chance of grabbing the newest extreme trials mounts.

Facet Armor & Accessories + Crafted Weapons

Alternatively if you have a few million gil lying around you can buy the Facet gear set and not bother with the previous gear sets. This is the best crafted set of armor and weapon that you can find and it can be purchased through the market board.

iLvl 460 – Deepshadow Weapon, Armor & Accessories

The latest patch brought us the Phantasmagoria Tomes which can be exchanged for Deepshadow Armor in Eulmore (x10, y12) by speaking to Aymark. Unlike the Goetia tomes there is a weekly limit of 450 so saving up for a full set of gear can take you a while. However similarly to Goetia tomes you gain them through the following:

  • Hunts (On a level 80 class)
  • Daily Roulettes (Only Expert, Main Scenario, Normal/Alliance Raids and Frontline on a level 80 class.)
  • PVP (On a level 80 class)

iLvl 470/475 – Edengrace Weapon, Armor & Accessories / Augmented Deepshadow Weapon, Armor & Accessories

Edengrace Gear Set

Finally we have the Edengrace gear set, this is currently the highest level gear set in the game alongside the Augmented Deepshadow set. You can obtain tokens through the newest savage raids similarly to the previous easy mode raids. These raids can be extremely difficult so make sure you check out a guide and do some practice runs beforehand using the party finder feature. The savage raids are as follows:

  • Eden’s Gate: Resurrection (Savage)
  • Eden’s Gate: Descent (Savage)
  • Eden’s Gate: Inundation (Savage)
  • Eden’s Gate: Sepulture (Savage)

The weapon is the only part of the set that is iLvl 475 and can be obtained using tokens from the last savage raid.

Augmented Deepshadow Gear Set

The alternate option for the end-game gear is the Augmented Deepshadow gear set. In order to get this you must first get the iLvl 460 Deepshadow gear. You will also need Deepshadow Solvent, Twine or Coating (dependant on the item) which can be obtained through Yhal Yhal in Eulmore (x10, y11.5) by exchanging books of Inundation and Descent from the savage raids. Once you have both of these speak to Shee-Tatch in Eulmore (x10,y12) in order to exchange your gear to the augmented gear.

Thanks for reading the article, I hope you have found it useful and if there is anything you feel that needs to be added let me know in the comments below!